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Protect Your Password

If your are assigned password -- especially a Fortune 1000 or its equivelant -- has at least 8 charactecs and is a mixture of lower and upper case letters, digits and symbols.

And if you use it frequently enough to enter it from memory, the effort to memorize is likely to be of no avail as you will get a new one every 60 to 90 days.

Have you ever asked yourself why that is?

Well, it's because randomly generated passwordshave an achilles: they get written down and password preditors are skilled at ferreting them out.

ProtectYourPassword (aka SecureNumber) is my patented method that hides passwords and pins in plain sight. The video below gives a concise overview

We have a demo version (pre-Beta) up online. Try it now.
But before trying it, make sure you have java on your computer.
If you're not sure, find out here.
After you've created and printed your own MasterCode and SecureNumbers,
let us know how we can improve the demo. Just .

Some that worked

Some that didn't